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Top Celebrity Stylist IV : Rachel Zoe Part III - When stylists become celebrities

The Rachel Zoe Project - review - Tv | thevine.com.au

Regardless, Zoe still works as a celebrity stylist, giving advice about apparel and lifestyle on her website (http://www.rachelzoe.com/) and setting up looks for actresses like Anne Hathaway on the past Golden Globe Awards.

SocialiteBeauty:"Best Dressed: 2011 Golden Globe Awards"
Anne Hathaway
 at  The Golden Globes

In the end, there can be experts in fashion like these personal stylists telling you what to wear in order to make you look stunning, but the thing is that no matter the trends, we stick to ourselves, and never lose our personality, the one that make us all unique, under layers of fabrics or tons of accessories, and not letting us become prey of if you can afford it- the connoisseurs of fashion, or worse, of ourselves , wanting to attract stares and comments in order to nurture our ego and personality.

Just be true to yourselves and do not become a marionette of this enveloping world of fashion.      

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