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Zoey Deschanel on Marie Claire - Inspired looks

Here are three looks inspired on her at Marie Claire's cover for May 2012.  Only at "The Ultimate Fashion Statement". 

Dotted bloused are the latest for this autumn-winter.

Zoey Deschanel on Marie Claire cover for May 2012 - I

Zoey Deschanel on Marie Claire's cover for May 2012 - II


Warm but sexy with this items.

Zoey Deschanel on Marie Claire's cover for May 2012 - III

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Who's that girl...it's Zoey

A few weeks ago I started to watch this new serie "New Girl" on Fox starring by an american actress, musician and song-writer; she is Zoey Deschanel and I didn't know much about her, I could only recognise her from the movie "Yes Sir" with Jim Carrey. 
After watching the first  episode, just by chance,after doing some zapping, her latest role as a little goofy and kind school teacher made me love her.

Zoey Deschanel as Jess 

Her character is really funny and she plays it really naturally. I read somewhere, can't remember the place, that with her as "Jess" you would end up loving her or hatting her more. Luckily I enjoyed her acting; the story of this "Dirty Dancing" biggest fan, begins when she catches his live-in boyfriend cheating on her while she tries to her a sexy dance after work as a surprise. That's why she needs to move out and finds this apartment inhabited by three guys,Nick, Schmidt and Coach that day by day become friends with her eventhough she always torments them singing silly songs she creates and with her super positive and quirk personality. Zoey's perfomance led her be part of the nominees for the Golden Globes

Jess and her roomies  

Zoey was born in 1980 and becomes from a family of actors, his father is Caleb Deschanel, a very talented one, 5 times nominated for the Oscar and her mother Mary Jo Deschanel. She has been a supporting actress on movies like "The Good Girl" next to Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal, who she met while she attented a private preparatory school in California, also with Kate Hudson, who she appeared with at the movie "Almost Famous". Her leading role movie's time came with the romantic drama "500 Days of Summer" alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this film received a standing ovation at 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Zoey Deschanel next to Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Appart from acting, music is her other passion, she plays many instruments: keyboards, percussion, banjo and ukelele and often sings on the movies she is part of. In March 2008 she released her debut album called "Volume One" recorded with M.Ward under the moniker of "She & Him", the follow-up album "Volume Two" came two years later. 
Modelling is also part of her skills and she proves it here at the cover of may of Marie Claire magazine, where she puts aside the cute girl she is and brings her darker and sexier side wearing Hervé Leger dresses, Cartier bracelets, Balmain pieces among others.

Check some looks inspired on her shoot on our next post ;)   

Zoey Deschanel on Marie Claire’s latest cover

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lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

El Met Ball 2012 - La gala más glamorosa empezó

Uno de los eventos más aclamados por el mundo de la moda es la Gala del Museo Metropolitano de Arte de Nueva York y se está llevando a cabo esta noche. La gala, también conocida como el Met Ball, reúne a modelos, artistas, diseñadores, etc, en sí, la crème de la crème del mundo de la moda, en uno de los museos más destacados del mundo que conserva en su interior piezas de orígenes africanos, asiáticos y europeos.

Este año se inaugurará la exposición “Schiaparelli & Prada: Impossible Conversations”, nombre insipirado en un artículo de 1930 escrito por Miguel Covarrubias para Vanity Fair; su reproducción en vivo se podrá ver a través de Amazon.com y Vogue.com , en Twitter, The Huffington Post y el IFB (Fashion Independent Bloggers) colgarán los detalles del momento. El propósito de este reunir el trabajo de estas dos diseñadoras es mostrar sus similitudes, más allá de su procedencia italiana. Se dividará en siete galerías temáticas con los nombres de “Waist Up/Waist Down”, “Ugly Chic”, “Hard Chic”, “Naif Chic”, “The Classical Body”, “The Exotic Body” and “Surreal Body”.

Quién es quién en esta exposición?

Miuccia Prada es conocida por todos mundialmente en este medio; si bien tiene un grado en ciencias políticas ella tomó las riendas del negocio familiar en Milán y le ha sabido dar el toque de modernidada a la marca.

Elsa Schiaparelli es una artista en toda su extensión, se caracterizó por sus diseños lúdicos y geométricos, fue una visionaria de lo que sería el pop art  y el trompe’l'oeil . Pasó de la filosofía al diseño de modas, también siguió al dadaísmo y el surrealismo, escribió un libro de poemas cargado de sensualidad que para su familia de alta posición social fue todo un escándalo. Sus aportes a la moda fueron: sombreros altos, vestidos con estampados de efecto ópitco; empleó detalles no muy populares como las cremalleras y botones divertidos de formas variadas como de rostros de mujer y escarabajos. Coco Chanel fue su rival, pues Elsa revolucionaba con sus obras en pleno apogeo de la diseñadora francesa e inclusive también empleó el tweed pero para trajes de noche.  En 1931 puso de moda las batas y las chaquetas de playa con hombros anchos. En la perfumería también incursionó, su botella fue inspirada en las curvas de la polémica estrella de los treinta Mae West. 

Elsa Schiaparelli 
Sus obras: 
A la derecha el vestido: Red Lobster

Su imaginación no tenía fronteras. Su sombrero inspirado en un zapato
sobre la cabeza es una de sus obras más famosas.

Sigan aquí para ver los reportes de moda en el Met 2012 ;) 

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LIF Week 12 - Claudia Jimenez

Claudia Jimenez chose the ‘70s for this LIF Week 12 and developed a very feminine, practical and above all chic collection, full of garments I bet every woman would have to have already in her closet. The name and inspiration was “Love Claudia”.
In her work international trends are always there; she used colors like beige and brown, but green tones and blue steel color were the main characters; red could not be absent and appeared in strawberry tones; among the fabrics : chiffon, alpaca and sheer ones, colorful and animal prints were something new in the brand.  

From the ‘70s, tie blouses, jumpers and palazzo pants were the must have items; a military touch was seen in coats. The featured accessories were the belts, with golden pieces and chains, bags and puffy boots were worn too.

Here is the collection's campaign, shot on the streets of Lima, Peru. 

To see pictures of this show visit us on Pinterest and Facebook and follow us to keep up with the latest trends and events around the globe ;) 

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LIF Week 12 - Gerardo Privat

The muse of Gerardo Privat is aware of her sex-appeal and likes to show it with the garments he creates. This time for LIF Week 12, the designer enhanced the colors and fabrics that he always use that everybody recognizes, like golden, black, animal and colorful prints.

For this fall-winter he used sheer fabrics full of embellishments in dresses and paillettes for jumpers and skirts. Guipiur was developed for exquisite gowns; another texture for this collection was the velvet. There were low cut dresses in back and front as well as other completely opposite turtleneck dresses.

The accesories were: long chains necklaces , long earrings and maxi clutches in different tones of green and red.

The blouses looked more fashionable with the collar upturned and were worn with pants and skirts. The ‘80s silhouette, Privat's favorite, showed in dresses with pointy shoulders.   

Privat works for the type of woman who dares to wear exuberant pieces and he knows the key to dress her without going unnoticed at anytime.

To see pictures of this show visit us on Pinterest and Facebook and follow us to keep up with the latest trends and events around the globe ;)

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