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Who's that girl...it's Zoey

A few weeks ago I started to watch this new serie "New Girl" on Fox starring by an american actress, musician and song-writer; she is Zoey Deschanel and I didn't know much about her, I could only recognise her from the movie "Yes Sir" with Jim Carrey. 
After watching the first  episode, just by chance,after doing some zapping, her latest role as a little goofy and kind school teacher made me love her.

Zoey Deschanel as Jess 

Her character is really funny and she plays it really naturally. I read somewhere, can't remember the place, that with her as "Jess" you would end up loving her or hatting her more. Luckily I enjoyed her acting; the story of this "Dirty Dancing" biggest fan, begins when she catches his live-in boyfriend cheating on her while she tries to her a sexy dance after work as a surprise. That's why she needs to move out and finds this apartment inhabited by three guys,Nick, Schmidt and Coach that day by day become friends with her eventhough she always torments them singing silly songs she creates and with her super positive and quirk personality. Zoey's perfomance led her be part of the nominees for the Golden Globes

Jess and her roomies  

Zoey was born in 1980 and becomes from a family of actors, his father is Caleb Deschanel, a very talented one, 5 times nominated for the Oscar and her mother Mary Jo Deschanel. She has been a supporting actress on movies like "The Good Girl" next to Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal, who she met while she attented a private preparatory school in California, also with Kate Hudson, who she appeared with at the movie "Almost Famous". Her leading role movie's time came with the romantic drama "500 Days of Summer" alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this film received a standing ovation at 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Zoey Deschanel next to Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Appart from acting, music is her other passion, she plays many instruments: keyboards, percussion, banjo and ukelele and often sings on the movies she is part of. In March 2008 she released her debut album called "Volume One" recorded with M.Ward under the moniker of "She & Him", the follow-up album "Volume Two" came two years later. 
Modelling is also part of her skills and she proves it here at the cover of may of Marie Claire magazine, where she puts aside the cute girl she is and brings her darker and sexier side wearing Hervé Leger dresses, Cartier bracelets, Balmain pieces among others.

Check some looks inspired on her shoot on our next post ;)   

Zoey Deschanel on Marie Claire’s latest cover

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