lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

LIF Week 12 - Edward Venero

Edward Venero always seeks to represent part of the symbolism of Peru in order to accomplish a process of identification through  the garments he creates; for this runway he had for inspiration the Peruvian carnival, that is the reason of the presence of many colors: orange, yellow, red, among others, to light up the pale colors of our season fall-winter.   

The elements of our patriotic shield were used in different clothes. Venero’s ability to conceive cohesive compositions of fabric designs is due to his knowledge of graphic design as a university teacher and his degree in Art at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru; this knowledge goes toward the handling of natural fabrics like alpaca and other camelids; both represent the pillars of his success.

The plus of his show was the styling, the male models wore painting on their faces, fake mustaches, party streamers around their necks and carried silver buckets. 

Sweaters were developed, with braids, straps and others were similar to nets; low cut jumpers, shirts and his unmistakable looks of: shirt+bow tie+ knitted vest, pants showed new ideas in pattern making using many zippers; he also designed underwear.

Accesories were gloves and belts; footwear surprised everybody for its uniqueness in every piece: Oxford shoes and sneakers with an ‘80s vibe, both full of colors and textures.   

He ended the show with his models, appearing with a fake mustache too, also wearing many party streamers. The models emptied the buckets they were carrying exhibiting lots of party streamers as a representation of a typical carnival. His runway show has become one of the favorites of LIF Week 12.

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*fuente: Terra y Blog The Androgyny.

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