miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

LIF Week 12 - Adolfo Dominguez

LIF Week 12’s runway was opened by the spanish designer Adolfo Dominguez, the guest for this year. He showed his outfits for women and men.

His garments seemed to have a “’70s meets safari” vibe, but they were really inspired by the silhouettes of the ‘50s, being this shapes the main inspiration.  Colors such as yellow, tangerine and light-blue were part of the palette, appearing in backless dresses and low-cut dresses, shoulders were also shown. They were light and used the collar neck trend. The waist line was accentuated with thin belts and chains.

For men, the color pallete was full of neutral tones, incluiding tan, grey and lead-gray. Blue gave the accent of color, in striped t-shirts and in nehrú and sport blazers. Jumpers were part of the collection too. As for accessories, camel bags were the choice.     

To watch the runway shows live you can visit Terras’s website, the official site of Lif Week 12  http://www.terra.com.pe/portada/    
Also, visit us on Pinterest to see pictures of the show ;) 

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